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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  April 11, 2014 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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>> joyful reunions. heartbreaking realities as families learn in their loved ones are among the 10 people dead in a fiery tour bus crash and tonight the investigation is just beginning. >> the ntsb mission has determined why this crash happened. it is not just about the what, but the why. >> good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm ama dates in for dan ashley. >> and i'm carolyn johnson. there is new word from a witness who was in the car that was sideswiped by the fed ex truck just before the crash. she says the truck was already on fire as it came across the median before it crashed into
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the bus. >> now that has not been confirmed by the national transportation safety board which is investigating the crash. the investigation is expected to take up to two weeks. >> authorities have asked families for loved ones' dental records because the bodies are too badly burned to be identified. >> and just a few hours ago volunteers near the crash scene said all of the surviving passengers have left and are now heading back to southern california. >> all of the students on board came a from the los angeles area. the crash occurred on interstate 5 west of chico. it is four hours short of their destination. a college preview weekend at humboldt state university in air kay do on the coast. in air -- arcada on the coast. >> seconds after a truck collided with a bus full of high school students, calls to 9-1-1 began flooding in. >> just saw a very, very large explosion and fireball. >> 43 students were heading to
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humboldt state for a college visit on thursday afternoon when the fed ex tractor-trailer crossed the median. 10 people were killed in the fiery crash. five students, both drivers and three chaperons on the bus. 18-year-old harley hoit was doing homework when the accident happened. >> people were screaming and there was all of this commotion. i said what? and looked up. the bus driver slams on the brakes and it is like a loud screeching noise and i will never forget it. within a split second, boom, smoke was filling the bus. the fed ex truck was on fire. >> hoit has been reunited with his family. 18-year-old miles hill of mount washington remains hospitalized with serious burns and a broken collar bone. >> absolute total terror and helplessness because i couldn't get here. he is my son and i knew he needed me. >> he says miles has burns on his ears and legs from kicking out a window in order to escape.
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>> he put his hands over his face and went down like that. the blast and explosions went back this way and he was right behind the driver. he is lucky he got out. >> it is unclear what caused the driver of the truck to cross the median. the ntsb is handling the investigation. reporting in chico, melissa mcbride, abc7 news. >> devastation and heartbreak today as some families were notified of the death of their loved one. one family had identical twin daughters. one made it to her destination, but there has been no word from the other daughter who was riding on the bus that crashed. authorities have asked the family for her dental records. >> and we are learning more about some of the other victims. michael and his fiancee madison had just gotten engaged. they were chaperons on the bus taking students to visit his
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alma-mater. >> he went to paris with madison and got on his knee to ask to get married. >> he surprised his fiancee with that romantic proposal in paris. excitement about the couple's wedding plans has been shattered by their shocking death. >> and they said granny, i love you. the other one said granny, i love you. they both gave me a kiss. i said i love you guys too. >> deborah lloyd dropped her grand son and fiancee off at the train station yesterday. it was the last time she saw them. them. they were o students to humboldt state university, michael's alma-mater when they were killed in the crash. former classmates say michael made the trip several times. >> trying to recruit other youth to attend humboldt. after graduation some alumni would become chaperons to give back. >> you have a couple kids from
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this block at humboldt because of my son. >> michael worked as a therapist for children with autism. a memorial is growing outside his family's home. relatives and friends say michael and madison were an inspiring couple. >> they made me believe in soulmates. honestly i remember the beginning process and their court ship and michael talking about the engagement and looking at rings and getting excited about paris. they made you believe in true love. >> the family tells us michael and madison had been planning to get married next year. in south los angeles, amy powell, abc7 news. >> survivors left a thank you poster at the red cross center. it thanks worker phos for their help. one person wrote "i can't imagine if we didn't have your help." we will continue to follow this story on air and on-line. follow our reporting on twitter at abc7 news bay area. a robber in antioch has been shot and killed during an
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attempted jewelry heist. right now police are searching for a second rober. this happened at the jewelry store. at least two men were in black ski masks and entered the store. one of them opened fire. the store owner was in back and he came out front and returned fire killing the robber. the customer was yes, sired and that person has been treated and released. police told us they had to take witnesses downtown to interview them because it was a circus at the scene. >> san francisco's tech boom is causing growing pains. they were repeatedly blamed. protesters targeted the google shuttle buses in the mission, and now they are going after a google attorney to evict tenants. serming yow has the story -- sergio has the story. >> more than a hundred demonstrators gathered outside a home this. is where the elementary school teacher and her young son live. it was built a few years ago and the owner moved into the
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top floor, but they got a spreeing letter. >> i got this notice on february 26th. >> demonstrators say she is one who uprooted families in the mission and castro districts. terrado and other residents are fighting their landlord to keep from moving. >> he could have bought a flat anywhere else in the city. he could afford it with his high salary of google. he doesn't need to displace seven people. >> the landlord is an attorney for google. we tried contacting him at home and reach out to google for comment and neither responded. the city is working on solutions and he is pushing for ellis act reforms in sacramento. >> we haven't prepared for our population growth. population is grown by 75,000 people and we produced little new housing. >> hundreds of families were
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displaced in the last couple wears. years. she just wants to keep her home. >> we are renters, but we are contributing to the mortgage. it is not like our money means nothing. >> she and her young son have less than 120 days to move out if they are evicted. abc7 news. >> a concord man was convicted in the mauling death of his 2-year-old step-son. steven hiyashi was found gel tee of childen danger meant and owning vicious animals. this is video from 2010. today's conviction comes four years after 2-year-old jacob bisby was mauled to death. prosecutor prosecutors say -- prosecutors say he ignored warnings to remove the dogs who killed a pet chihuahua. he faces up to 10 years in prison. an oakland doctor is accused of writing prescriptions for cash. today federal prosecutors unsealed an eight-count indictment against dr. tony
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daniels. daniels met with customers at star -- starbucks and chicken and waffles. she earned $143,000. dr. daniels is expected in court on monday. >> an embattled hospital is caught up in another controversy. next on lawsuit filed over a case eerily similar to the saga. >> and it is not uncommon to research restaurants before making a reservation. what if they researched you too? why some hotspots are googling their diners. >> and more than a hundred an gee girls -- angry girls were outside a concert hall. why their fandome turned to fury tonight. >> i'm sandhya patel. we have overcast skies right now. i will let you know if there is hope for clearing as we get closer to the weekend when abc7 news continues. first, here is jimmy kimmle. >> thanks. here is some of the magic
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waiting for you after the news. >> fill in the blanks. the next election my blank will run for blank. bulldog: [yawning] it's finally morning!
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suit against the same oakland hospital at the center of the saw go. alan -- saga. alan wong has the story. >> last year wade and jennifer's 21-month-old daughter morgan was declared brain dead after complications after heart surgery. they were told mor iman would be take -- morgan would be taken off life support after 48 hours. >> i wanted more time for my daughter to heal. i didn't know if it was the right decision. >> they removed her from life support, but the most pain came from the way they were treated. >> no one would give us answers. we would request charts. they were delayed. there wasn't a complete set of charts. >> there was a moment where the hospital instead of ab ab do indicating with you were an adversary. >> he worried others would suffer. and then they saw the story of
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ja hi. their family had the same complaint. >> lack of communication, lack of transparency, lack of dignified treatment. >> after morgan's death they continued to saw lit sit donations. children's hospital would not comment on the malpractice suit, but the chief medical officer said we have hundreds of thousands of communications with families every year while we strive for these to be appropriate there are occasions where we fall short. they say their lawsuit is fuelled by the pattern of insensitivity embedded in the hospital's culture. alan wang, abc7 news. aping gree -- angry teen girls were taken from a concert after their tickets were found to be fake. this happened in san francisco. about 100 fans would not leave
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the front of the filmore. they were told their tickets were bogus. the girls say they paid hundreds of dollars because the show was soldout. they were purchased 0 stub hub and craigslist and appeared to be from the same seller. >> one mom bought them for a girl whose birthday was today. she is crying and my girls are crying. >> they are my idols. i wanted to see them so badly. this is the only chance i got. i finally convinced my parents to let me go and i find out it is a scam. >> craigslist does not offer refunds as it is not involved in transaction. stub hub policy indicates the girl will get a full refund. with the warriors clinching a playoff spot, the fans are being told to watch out for fraudulent tickets. they suggested the retail market place where the tickets are guaranteed. >> many checked out a
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restaurant on-line. now some of the restaurants are doing it right back. some in new york city say they use the internet to find out information about guests. imagine if your waiter knew it was your anniversary before you sat down. it is a strategy to deliver better service and keep diners coming back. some are quick to point out that there is a fine line. staff can't reveal they know too much because they could creep out customers. >> that could be strange. it is time to check on our weather as we head to the weekend. >> sandhya patel is here with the forecast. >> carolyn and ama, the weather will be improving as we hit the weekend. especially if you are looking at sunshine and warmth. the marine layer has deepened to 2500 feet now. pretty socked in along the coast. we have gray skies over the bay as well and some clouds in the inland spots. take a look at our time lapse camera. we saw some filtered sunshine and we were able to catch the sunset earlier tonight which
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by the way was at 7:42 p.m. you will see more sun, especially the second half of the weekend. we have a lot of low cloudiness over the financial district of san francisco. mid50s in san francisco, oakland, redwood city, pretty uniform. half moon bay, 54 degrees. from our emeryville camera as we look across the bay, if you look carefully you can see the gray conditions. santa rosa and napa and con -- concord and livermore. the temperatures were cooler across the bay area. we are expecting the numbers to bottom out before we see a recovery. some clouds around and mostly cloudy and patchy morning drizzle. we are looking at clearing with the temperatures rebounding on sunday. today we saw the numbers get into the upper 70s. you will see why there is an area of low pressure that september us the clouds. it will continue to move
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forward southern -- toward southern california. it will keep us in a cool mode for most of the region except where you will be on the mild side. a lot of cloud cover to start off your saturday morning and then a brighter afternoon except near the beaches we will continue to see lingering gray. if you are still going to be traveling to the sierra nevada and tahoe and perhaps yosemite, watch out there is scattered showers and thunderstorms showing up for your saturday afternoon as the low-pressure system gets closer and moves in over southern california. here in the bay area, the morning starts out on the cool side. upper 40s to low 50s. drizzly at times. you will need a jacket or sweatshirt. for the afternoon we are expecting some sunshine. inland areas in the low 70s. 60s around the bay and the coast and not a lot of sun near the coastline. we will see some lingering fog well into the afternoon as you check out the accu-weather seven-day forecast warm toping for the second half of your weekend. low 60s to the upper 70s. it is going to be warmer on monday.
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the temperatures will come down a few degrees as the breeze kicks up on tuesday. and then after that, the accu-weather seven-day forecast showing you very little change in those numbers. i could take a few days off. >> none of that rain we thought. >> unfortunately the models are going dry. >> we will enjoy the warriors. larry beil is here with sports. >> last time the warriors made the playoffs in back to back years was 1992. steph curry trying to make sure the clincher d
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good evening. a night after letting a playoff spot slip away the warriors knocked it down against the lowly lakers in
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l.a. the owner made it down there to watch his team play. steph curry without authority. curry naturally, what happens? he misses the dunk and then hits the three. nice. second quarter and curry to leigh who was back and had 10 boards returning from the ham spring injury. 15-point lead. curry triple double, 10 rebounds and 12 assists. behind the back right here. that's sweet. steve blake with 16. mark jackson with a hug from the boss. the warriors clinch a playoff spot. to the ice and sharks and of avalanche. missing 45 games after knee surming re. surgery. is using a burst of speed and denied initially, but scores on the rebound. his second on the game. the empty net goal, his 12th of the year. it is 5-1 the final playoff
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next week. the second round of the masters and mcilroy and his tee shot on four drives it the green. look out adam scott. incoming. scott was on the tee box on the next hole. mcilroy barely made the cut. trying to win a gren jacket at age 20 which would be insane. bubba watson, large and in charge. five straight birdies on the back nine and an amazing putt on 14. a perfect read on the break. 4 under 68 and 7 under par overall. the leader by three shots. most pitchers hate the words grand slam. madison bum embarred neither is okay -- madison the great american novel.
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gang for the giants against the rockies on an orange friday. michael moore is becoming a fan favorite. he gives a bat away. that's a lifetime memory. here it comes and there it goes. the top of the third and carlos gonzalez splash down. in the fourth bases loaded. wow. he had a sack fly and this one
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is way out. the first one from a pitcher. five r.b.i's. he went six innings and allowed four runs. romo would get the save and the giants hold on 6-5. a's and mariners and oh it is good to be the king. felix hernandez, seven score less struck out 11 and brandon moss just browsing. defensive issues in the 40. he makes the diving stop. a run scores 2-0 mariners. he can't make the play either. sloppy tonight. they lose it 6-4. a abc7 sports brought to you by riverwalk casino. by riverwalk casino. >> thank you, larry.
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